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VaLanDria Smith-Lash


VaLanDria is the founder of Coarse Culture and lover of self-care. She is a vastly ambitious, caring individual who is dedicated to forming a "Take Care" community. As head of the company, she is determined to build a product line that improves the wellbeing of each and every customer. Along with leading the company, VaLanDria is a full-time college student and Evans Scholar.


Valencia Brennan


Valencia is the Operations Manager of Coarse Culture and a legacy Culture Member, as she was a fan of the brand long before joining the leadership team. She is committed to Coarse Culture's vision and is passionate about wellness maintenance. She is inspired daily by her husband, Kyle, and children, Emersen and Jaxon. She also happens to be an older sibling to Coarse Culture's founder, VaLanDria.

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